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Our program advisors will answer any questions you have about our programs and what it’s like to learn with CareerFoundry. They’ll also discuss your background, transferable skills, interests, career goals, and the local job market.



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Why we offer this

Our programs are not for everyone. They require a high level of motivation, commitment, and genuine interest in the field to complete. That’s why is important for us to talk to potential students. We want to set expectations and ensure that you’re a good fit for the program—and that the program is a good fit for you!

We are educators, first and foremost. We want to empower you with the information you need to make the right choice even if you don’t end up studying with CareerFoundry.

Meet our program advisors

They know our programs inside and out, they know what it takes to create a career from scratch, and they know the job market in your area. Our program advisors are here to share their insights and help you move forward in your career change.


15+ years of experience in higher education

In the last 15 years, Breanna has worked in various leadership positions. She lives in Florida with her husband and 2 dogs. She loves swimming with Manatees and is a volunteer with saving sea turtles.

"What motivates me? Leading and coaching people and teams to reach their highest potential, far beyond what they think they can accomplish."


20+ years in Educational Advising

Alana has worked in Educational Advising for over 20 years. She lives in beautiful British Columbia, Canada, with her husband and kids. She loves boating, camping, and enjoying the local wines.

"I love connecting with people from all over the world and am passionate about making the path to a new career as easy and exciting as possible!"


21+ years of experience in advisory and analytics roles

Kevin is a war veteran who served in the US Army for 10+ years as an Intelligence Analyst. He lives in Berlin, Germany, with his partner and two kids. He's an avid problem solver and critical thinker.

"I love asking 'why' and helping people formulate solutions for their career dilemmas. Present me a problem and I will not give up until it's solved."

What other career changers have to say

Our program advisors have helped thousands of career changers take that first step—people who have been exactly where you are. Here’s what they had to say after their call.