Ensure Your Family is All in Against Cancer.

Supporting each other is important in making and sustaining healthy lifestyle changes for the whole family. You can keep each other motivated and make healthy eating and physical activity fun by spending time working on it together.

Take Control

The whole family is effected by illness when it strikes, and that’s why the whole family should participate in wellness. Talking to your kids about eating healthy and getting enough exercise along with setting a good example in those areas can impact their health the rest of their lives.

Regular physical activity and healthy diet can help your family stay at a healthy weight. Being over weight and obese are associated with an increased risk of several types of cancer. Too much weight increases your risk of diabetes and heart disease, too!

Try some fun activities to get the whole family involved in healthy living:

For more information, order a copy of the Healthy Families Guidebook or download the English Healthy Family Guidebook here or the Spanish Healthy Family Guidebook here.