Get the Breast Cancer Personal Health Manager

The American Cancer Society and Kohl’s are pleased to offer the Breast Cancer Personal Health Manager kit. The kit provides new breast cancer patients with a file case to keep track of notes, questions, medication, appointments, and insurance statements. It also provides information regarding breast cancer diagnosis and treatment. It is offered at no cost through the generous donation of Kohl’s.

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The Breast Cancer Personal Health Manager helps patients when they need it!

“I liked the pockets to organize every bill and piece of information regarding all doctor appointments. Thank you.”

“I think this was a wonderful gift that I intend to continue using. It was very informative and answered all my questions. Thank you!”

“I am using mine to make a file for my daughter. I am BRCA1 positive and I want her to have all of my health records in case she has the gene.”

“Keeps everything at my fingertips – very easy to navigate.”

“Knowing more about breast cancer helped with my fear.”